Community Causes

Here at Talladega Insurance, we believe that every child should be given equal opportunities, regardless of background, and we are launching a campaign to make sure all the young people in the Great State of Alabama have access to resources that will help them succeed in school and life in general. We see it as our mission to champion the well-being of families and their children in Talladega & Calhoun counties…and beyond!

More than a passion…a mission.

Talladega Insurance is a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange movement in Alabama, and our goal is to make sure children and young people struggling with poverty in our area are given the opportunity to complete their education and contribute to this wonderful community. We will be supporting a series of support programs to provide low-income children with educational resources, as well as outreach efforts that provide mentorship and guidance to disaffected young adults.

There are thousands of children and young people who need assistance, and we can’t hope to succeed without your help. We are certain we can offer some relief through our agency’s operations, and that is exactly why we are launching a new Community Cause Program.

How to Be Part of Our Team

The best way for you to help is to introduce us to other families that share our mission to improve the lives of young people in our community through education. When you invite a friend, family member, or co-worker into Talladega Insurance for a free insurance appraisal, we can also provide them with more information on this campaign. In addition, for every person you invite into our agency, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local youth support program.

We believe we can have all of our campaigns SOLELY FUNDED BY OUR AGENCY… by simply REWARDING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS! Of course, donations can be made directly to supported organizations, but we are happy to use our own agency’s resources and do that on your behalf, instead!


We know our hearts are not the only ones to break when made aware of real people going through real suffering not too far from us. Here at Talladega Insurance, we are certain that we can change the picture for them. We look forward to helping our community live well and thrive, together!


Boyd McGehee
Agency Owner

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$500 Raised

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