Empowering Young Males in Talladega

Here at Talladega Insurance Agency, we know how important it is for a community to provide its youngest generation with the necessary tools for success. In our newest campaign, we offer our full support to Mighty Men of Valor in their efforts to transform the lives of young men in our community. This Christian based organization is made up of wonderful men who are eager to act as positive role models to the younger generation.

This mentorship organization focuses on five key characteristics – Love, Respect, Loyalty, Consistency, and Commitment. Their mission is to positively impact young men by providing them with the leadership and mentorship that can shape them for the future. They organize sporting events, field trips, cookouts and even assist students with college admissions.

They offer guided discussions on faith, leadership, and how to have a positive impact on their community. We are very excited to get behind this initiative and make a difference in the lives of Talladega’s youth.