Our History

Talladega Insurance Agency can trace its roots back to 1858 making it the oldest operating insurance agency in the state. Just recently Talladega Insurance Agency was recognized as the 3rd oldest insurance agency in the country. To date, no other insurance agency in Alabama can claim to have operated prior to the civil war. In fact, our agency is as old or older than many of the companies that we represent! Talladega Insurance Agency claims that the reason for its’ longevity is the consistent hiring of superior and knowledgeable staff.

An originally canceled cashiers check for $100 drawn on Talladega Insurance Company and signed by James G. Huey, believed to be the company’s founder, hangs on the wall of the agency.  This canceled cashier check dated December 21, 1858, is the oldest known proof of the agency’s establishment. Because this was check number 203 we believe that the agency is even older than in 1858.

A Family Tradition… Four Generations Serving East Central Alabama

At Talladega Insurance, we know the importance of family. That is why we are proud to say that we are a family owned and family operated business. In fact, four generations have seen the importance of this family run business and have returned to Talladega to help the agency grow.

In the 1920s, Turner Joel Jones purchased the Talladega Insurance Company and renamed it Talladega Insurance Agency. His brother, George Jones, also joined him in the business. In 1950, William Boyd McGehee, Jr. (Billy) was working for his family’s pharmacy in Montgomery, AL and decided that it was time for a change. He and his wife packed up their belongings and moved to Talladega to join his wife’s father in the insurance business.

In 1974, Billys’ son, William Boyd McGehee, III (Bill), returned to Talladega Insurance after having worked working in Atlanta for the Great American Insurance Company.

The newest family member to join the team is Bill’s son, Boyd, who joined the agency in January of 2004. He rounds out the fourth generation to return to the family business and serves as President of the agency.