Recreational Vehicles Insurance

A typical auto insurance policy may be insufficient to fully cover a recreational vehicle. Some insurance providers offer add-on coverage, but this does not mean that your RV, ATV, or golf cart is fully protected in the event of an accident. Specialized recreational vehicles insurance is worth looking into, especially if you want total coverage for your belongings as well as for the vehicle itself.

Benefits Of Recreational Vehicle Coverage

Purchasing a separate insurance policy for your RV or ATV means peace of mind for the vehicle owner. If you own an RV and use it for family vacations, many things can go wrong while you are on the road. Your belongings could be stolen. Your vehicle might break down, leaving you nowhere to sleep and no way to get to a motel. A policy tailored especially for recreational vehicles solves these problems.

These policies generally include total liability coverage in the event you cause an accident with your RV, ATV, or golf cart. Your personal belongings will be insured against theft or damage caused by fire or a severe collision accident. Emergency expenses and roadside assistance are usually included as well. To summarize, RV insurance covers most everything contained in your vehicle, regardless of who is the cause of an accident or property damage.

Types Of Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Class A, B, And C motorhomes are generally covered by this type of insurance. Business and pleasure conversion vans can also be insured with RV insurance. Golf cart insurance is available from most providers. You can also purchase a separate policy for your ATV. ATV insurance provides protection should you cause an accident while traveling off-road, and it also covers damage to other people’s property.

Qualifying For RV Insurance Coverage

Most insurance providers have rules about what vehicles can be covered under a particular type of policy. For example, an RV may be required to have bathroom facilities, cooking equipment, water storage capability, and an electrical power system in order to qualify for this kind of insurance coverage. A golf cart may have to be of a minimum value stated by the provider. An ATV may not qualify for special coverage if it contains too many after-market replacement parts or performance enhancements.