By | April 4, 2019

Tim Burt

Boyd is a great guy—I actually switched from my old provider to Talladega Insurance in 2005 and have been with them ever since. As a small business owner, it’s tough to switch insurance carriers—especially because I take the time and effort to get to know my business partners on a personal level. However, Boyd and the team were persistent in demonstrating that not only is Talladega Insurance the better option for my business, they genuinely have my best interest at heart.

Boyd and the Talladega Insurance team are thoughtful, caring, and kind individuals. When a storm happened, Boyd personally reached out to me shortly thereafter to ensure my properties were damage-free—without me having to call first. Another instance that proved Talladega was the best around was when a neighbor’s tree fell on my business. Boyd and the team were there, on-site, every step of the way and worked closely with the adjuster to ensure that all aspects of the damage were covered—lost revenue, property damage, you name it. After nearly 15 years of excellent service from Talladega Insurance, I can confidently say they are true insurance experts who actually care about their customers on a personal level.