By | April 4, 2019

Rick Dawson

I’ve been with Talladega insurance since 1978 after signing on with Boyd’s father, Bill McGehee. Even though I am in Anniston and not Talladega, Boyd and his team have made themselves available to handle my insurance needs as they arise.

The team at Talladega Insurance goes out of their way to try and help whenever possible. For instance, I once had hail damage to my roof, so I called Talladega Insurance. Boyd himself came to my house on a Saturday, climbed onto my roof (despite his fear of heights, sorry Boyd!), and served as my adjuster to assess the damages. This really speaks to the service I get with Talladega Insurance—they go a step further to take care of their customers.

I’ve always said that insurance is only as good as the one representing you. With Talladega Insurance on my team, I’ve had all my insurance needs handled hassle-free. I recommend Talladega to my friends and family because I have had multiple policies with them for more than 40 years and have not thought about switching once!