By Team Member | July 15, 2020

Placing YOU first since 1858!

At Talladega Insurance Agency, our roots are local and our reach is national. We are proud of our staff, and so, wherever you’re from and whatever your needs are, we are appreciative that you put your trust in us.

With its founding dating back to 1858, Talladega Insurance Agency is the oldest agency in the state and the third oldest in the US. Family-owned and managed, we’re an independent general insurer that deals with a wide array of excellent carriers. We’ve had the good fortune of issuing policies for clients with interests spanning the country. Projects for Tiffany’s, Macy’s, Disney, the US Military, even the Manhattan Bridge, and the US Capitol dome insured their projects with us as they’re manufactured, transported, and installed across the country.

Here at Allen Metals, we’ve had great coverage by Talladega Insurance. The entire time, they’ve covered us and had our back completely from the beginning. They’d even made the value of coming up to New York to see our job sites and seeing what we do, and then helping us with an affordable quality price.

Closer to home, expect personalized service, protecting the things you care for most, improving your coverage, saving you money, and assisting you end to end throughout the claims process. Talladega Insurance Agency, placing clients first since 1858.

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